LGC social media conference

LGC social media conference

Below is the feed of Twitter messages I posted while at the recent LGC social media conference.
It was an experiment using a live blogging plugin to feed Twitter messages directly into WordPress.

11:41:55 AM: time for the panel sessions, @dominiccampbell up first #lgcsoc

11:43:25 AM: #lgcsoc @dominiccampbell “welcome to the 30yr old blokes session” (that’s for you @carriebish )

11:46:24 AM: #lgcsoc @dominiccampbell playing video summing up key issues of trust, lack of information among residents,

11:48:02 AM: #lgcsoc social media not going away, convergence of customer service, engagement, communications

11:49:27 AM: #lgcsoc showing some strong networking analysis tools

11:50:03 AM: #lgcsoc london no1 city for twitter use (and equal 1st for facebook)

11:52:46 AM: #lgcsoc barnet leader now twittering his own expenses, sharing raw corporate/peer feedback on youtube <—impressive eg of openness

11:53:14 AM: #lgcsoc myidea4ca.com – crowdsourcing community ideas, bottom-up policy making

11:54:53 AM: #lgcsoc new shoutboxhq is corp moderation tool for twitter, but should is that desirable or just a pragatic response

11:56:15 AM: #lgcsoc @dominiccampbell talking about facebook advertiser tool as means for getting stats on who using fb in your area

11:58:23 AM: #lgcsoc “chill out a bit”

11:58:47 AM: #lgcsoc @dominiccampbell finishing, now it’s @davebriggs

12:04:06 PM: #lgcsoc @davebriggs talking about frustration of lack of adoption of online tools for effective online engagement

12:06:08 PM: #lgcsoc blogs not necessarily an online diary, it’s a medium for publishing stuff

12:08:10 PM: #lgcsoc 5 chars of blogs: freq updated, recent first, permanence of links, rss, commenting

12:09:11 PM: #lgcsocs blogs v search engine friendly <— very true but often forgotten

12:11:00 PM: #lgcsoc @davebriggs – it’s about stories – think about who can contribute stories

12:11:57 PM: #lgcsoc authenticity is key – people can see through ghosted, PR puff content on social media

12:13:19 PM: #lgcsoc blogs shouldn’t exist in a vacuum – need to engage in a conversation, use the power of links (sharing stuff freely)

12:13:53 PM: #lgcsoc “keep listening” – respond as appropriate

12:14:09 PM: RT @stuartclarkson: #lgcsoc Check out my podcast @rochdalecouncil http://feeds.feedburner.com/localmatters and let me know what you think!

12:15:03 PM: #lgcsoc @carlhaggerty @russ_t_uk now on

12:17:20 PM: #lgcsoc rel’n council site to soc media – use website as hub/co-ordinate content (<—-also add authenticity to external presence)

12:19:19 PM: #lgcsoc ugc – not many people in the room publishing UGC on council websites (<—-need to link to purpose/role of website)

12:22:21 PM: #lgcsoc caution – to do soc media integration takes time, knowledge – “don’t go storming in”, don’t create unfulfillable user expectations

12:22:45 PM: #lgcsoc “it’s all about people and conversations” – absolutely right

12:23:47 PM: #lgcsoc do people want to go to council website on daily basis? <—no they don’t -absolutely right, and need to remember that!

12:24:14 PM: #lgcsoc some thoughts on how to measure influence on social media, what value can be realised from being there

12:25:05 PM: #lgcsoc use web stats to monitor referrals (inbound traffic) from soc media sites

12:26:28 PM: #lgcsoc got to understand the platform to understand what is relevant in terms of success

12:27:26 PM: #lgcsoc @carlhaggerty and @russ_t_uk finishing – panel discussion sessions now, am taking a break from twitter to join in


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