Fractional Chief Operating Officer (COO) for growth businesses

I work as a fractional COO with founders and CEOs.

A fractional leader simultaneously holds part-time leadership roles across several companies. I work with a maximum of two fractional clients at any one time.

Working with me as your fractional chief operating officer (COO), you get hands-on rigour, direction and expertise in scaling your business fast, without the cost or delay involved with hiring a full-time chief operating officer.

A fractional COO might be what you need if:

  • You need operational leadership but aren’t ready to hire full-time
  • You’re in constant firefighting mode in your scale-up business
  • You feel like you’re losing grip in your business
  • You’re seeking to reduce risk or unlock growth in a business
  • You want to mature aspects of your business to reduce friction
  • You want to escape the typical growth plateau that scale-ups hit

I can help you overcome the inevitable challenges of scaling a business, building capacity and accountability among leaders in your business for the future.

Fractional COO is a high intensity engagement. It rapidly frees up founders and CEOs to focus on growth, maximising leverage from their vision and passion for the business they are creating.

Which businesses need a fractional COO?

The fractional COO option is designed to deliver most value to businesses have achieved enough product-market fit and are funded to scale.

Good-fit companies will typically:

Have a team of at least 10 people

Be aiming for substantial annual revenue growth

Have an open, results-oriented mindset

Value progressive and agile principles

Have a remote or hybrid workstyle

Be ready to hire a full-time COO within 12 months

Working with a fractional COO

I work part-time in your leadership team as your Chief Operating Officer. As a fractional COO I lead teams, represent your business and am fully embedded within your company.

You, your leadership team and board get:

Hands-on, high leverage senior leadership

Equivalent of one, two or three days per week working hands-on within your team as your COO

Unlimited 1:1 access to me via Slack, email & phone

Access to my personal network of specialists

“Simon has often been my go to person to talk to about gnarly problems or to use as a sounding board because he is a great listener, shows empathy, and is very calm. We’ve often brainstormed ideas around operating models and structures, and I’ve really valued Simon’s approach as a leader, which is about integrity, inclusivity, and being a servant to his colleagues. If you need help with leadership, business models, or people challenges, you’ll be in very safe hands.”

Stuart Arthur, CTO, CIO and Founder

I write an email newsletter

I write a newsletter for founders and CEOs called Build. It features insights, techniques & thinking for those navigating the ups-and-downs of the scaling journey and developing their own leadership.