Simon Wakeman

Solving complex business challenges.


I specialise in leading teams that rapidly solve complex business challenges to unlock commercial value. Such challenges include business start-up, rapid growth, transformation, organisational integration, optimisation, restructuring and market positioning.


I am an entrepreneurial business leader with more than 23 years private and public sector career experience.

Most recently I’ve been focussing on senior leadership in a rapid growth professional services business alongside a small portfolio of non-executive roles. 

I am also a board member at a major charity and advisory board member at a Kent university.

I’ve been lucky during my career to have had the chance to work in lots of different teams, cultures and organisations.

That experience has taught me a lot about what I can achieve, my strengths and weaknesses as well as how I can be most effective as a leader.


I’ve realised that the real buzz I get from work is about enabling the achievements of people, usually in teams. I’m fascinated by the challenges this can present and the role of neuroscience, psychology and coaching in helping people be better at work than they realise they can be.


From the first email I sent in 1994, I’ve developed a passion for using technology as part of making change happen – from working on the the first interactive TV and online banks, through to delivering transformational organisational change through technology.


The commmunication skills I gained through professional learning in PR and frontline experience help me to be a better leader. Being able to listen, understand and communicate effectively is at the heart of what I do and is often a skillset that’s overlooked by many leaders.

Market focussed

I began my career as a marketer but I’ve also learnt that the marketing discipline in isolation is limited in impact, so I’ve deliberately sought experience in other areas such as communications, sales, management and customer service to build on my marketing background.

My approach

During my career so far I’ve learnt that my best work to date has been based on three principles:


The pace of change in society and business means that an iterative and learning approach to change is the best way to address challenges in business.


The best solutions are the simple ones that are easily understood by everyone involved and have the greatest chance of success.


Short term fixes often aren’t the best. I strive to solve challenges by generating sustainable commercial value for the long term.