Advisor, coach and mentor

Flexible support, advice and challenge.

Think of this as “Simon-as-a-service”. I help you through a one-off consultation or regular conversations as you work through particular challenges in building and leading your business. It means you get flexible help from me just when you need it, and not when you don’t.

This might be a weekly, fortnightly or monthly coaching or mentoring call with you or someone else in your team. It might be you want to use me “on demand” as an independent sounding board or to get some senior executive help for a few hours. I might work with your leadership team or company board to help them become effective.

Or you might want my help with something else and that’s fine – it’s a flexible service designed deliberately around your needs.

Pay-as-you-go advice

Book time with me for a one-off consultation for one or more hours. Share some details so I can prepare before our session and then we’ll talk. Simple as that.

£650 per hour (excluding VAT)

No ongoing commitment or obligations

Ongoing advice, coaching and mentoring

A regular time spent working together every week, fortnight or month. We’ll agree your goals and the best format to collaborate to help you achieve them.

Guaranteed availability for regular consultations

Friendly help and advice at other times too

“I’ve been working with Simon as a coach and mentor for just over two years. And he has been an amazing support, champion and challenger for me.

Simon gave me the opportunity to understand where my strengths lie, how I could truly harness them to prosper and rather than dread challenges, use them as great learning and growing experiences.  

He’s always great at bringing a different perspective, and through building trust and understanding, he’s also able to challenge me and help me with alternative approaches and viewpoints to broaden my thinking.”

Louise Lai, Chief Client and Transformation Officer at TPXimpact

Leading a growth business?

The B3 framework® helps you get your scaling journey right and reduce the challenges of successful business growth.

It’s a simple yet powerful framework for company building, giving you everything you need to know build a brilliant business.

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I write an email newsletter

I write a newsletter for founders and CEOs called Build. It features insights, techniques & thinking for those navigating the ups-and-downs of the scaling journey and developing their own leadership.