Technology leadership

I’m Managing Director at Deeson – the digital agency that specialises in high stakes, high profile digital transformation. I’m also COO at product start-up GreenShoot Labs.

I’ve always enjoyed working with people, teams and technology to deliver lasting transformational change.

I’ve done this in areas including marketing, e-commerce, business systems, publishing, customer service and internal communications.

Simon on event panel

About me

I am an entrepreneurial business leader with more than 18 years private and public sector experience.

I’m leading the growth phase of a European open source technology agency using self-organisation principles to unleash the potential of high calibre multi-disciplinary teams.

I hold professional qualifications in marketing, PR and change management.

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Away from work

I live in Canterbury with my wife, Jo, two children and two dogs. Outside work I enjoy running, road cycling, mountain biking, caravanning and generally being outdoors.

I keep track of my cycling and running on Strava. I’m also an occasional homebrewer too.

Cycling in France