Solving complex business challenges.

I specialise in leading teams that rapidly solve complex business challenges to unlock commercial value. Such challenges include business start-up, rapid growth, transformation, organisational integration, optimisation, restructuring and market positioning.

I work for digitally native technology-enabled services group The Panoply. My current role within the group is as Chief Growth Officer at GreenShoot Labs – a global leader in conversational AI consultancy. I also work with The Panoply group companies on marketing and collaborative cross-company initiatives.

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Solving challenges

There are only three underlying types of challenge in any entrepreneurial organisation – people, process and technology. To drive value, it’s important to recognise what mix of challenges exist and how to address them.


Effective organisations recruit and manage the right people for their work and culture. Clear responsibilities and genuine accountability, combined with leadership and communication helps people consistently deliver their best work.


Every organisation is a system of repeatable activities that needs to function consistently. The key is to achieve the balance of enough process for consistent performance, while providing the scope for people to generate unique value.


Realising the benefits of a digital-led transformation is at the heart of many challenges that organisations face. Often the key to delivering these benefits is in the relationships between people and new technology.

About me

I’m Managing Director at Deeson – a London and Kent-based digital agency that creates digital platforms for national and international clients.

I’ve always enjoyed working with people, teams and technology to deliver rapid and lasting change.

My career experience includes agency and client-side roles in the private and public sectors. I’ve led change programmes in areas including marketing, PR, e-commerce, business systems, publishing, customer service and internal communications. 


“Simon offers calm and authoritative leadership. It goes almost without saying that he is a strong communicator – actually, he’s a natural – warm, persuasive, charismatic.” – Marius Kynaston

“Simon’s passion and enthusiasm for all things digital is infectious. He has a great ability to keep focus on big strategic issues, while keeping calm and motivating the team around him. Always a pleasure to work with him.” – Rishi Dastidar

“Simon is a joy to work with, coming up with great ideas and then making them happen. He has been fantastic to work with.” – Dr Kevin Ruck