Top ten mobile applications

Top ten mobile applications

Since I upgraded my mobile phone to a Nokia 6210 classic on the UK’s 3 network late last year I’ve been using some great mobile applications.

The combination of a decent handset and an unlimited data plan have really changed the way I access internet content and services. Checking through my last phone bill it struck me that I’d used it to access the internet every day – when I’m at home, in the office and on the move.

Here are the top ten applications that I’m using day in day out on my phone:

1. Skype

Only for 3 customers this one (if you’re in the UK), although there are some generic mobile VOIP clients that will give you Skype access on non-3 handsets. Free calls to Skype at home and other Skype users. Free.

2. Amaze GPS

Combining my handset with an external GPS receiver turns my mobile into a decent GPS navigation system. I used this to get from Calais to an address in Paris without any problems. Works by downloading the route at the start of navigation, so a data connection is required, but great for someone who only needs an occasional sat nav system. Free.

3. MapMyTracks

In beta at the moment, this lets me use an external GPS receiver to use my mobile to live track my runs and bike rides. When I get home I can replay tracks, check split times and much more. I’m working on the launch of this service through my work with Tinderhouse. Free to beta testers, free and monthly chargeable plans available after launch.

4. Shozu

Great for handling pictures and videos I take on my mobile. Simple one or two click uploads to Flickr, email accounts, YouTube and plenty of other services. Free.

5. Opera Mini

For times when the phone’s inbuilt browser falls over on some websites, Opera Mini is a great fallback. Free.

6. GMail

Access to my entire GMail account, including full search and tags. Makes sending and receiving email on the move a doddle, although I still can’t for the life of me work out how to get a line break in messages I write on the move. Free.

7. Google Maps

Maps and satellite images from Google Maps using this mobile application. The new “my location” feature often doesn’t work or places me several miles from where I know I am, but assuming I know where I am it’s great for working out how to get to places. No more need for an A to Z anymore. Free.

8. Map24 Mobile

My fallback map service in case Google Maps doesn’t have decent coverage of where I am. Free.

9. Newsgator Go!

RSS client for on the move. Best of all it synchs seamlessly with Newsgator Online and my desktop Feeddemon reader. Even better it’s now free, along with Newsgator Online and Feeddemon.


Handy little application giving access to the Yell telephone directory while on the move. Well integrated with the voice capabilities of the handset and maps. Free.


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