Statistics, research and analysis round-up

Statistics, research and analysis round-up

Multichannel data utilisation is marketers’ greatest challenge
Multichannel data utilisation is marketers’ greatest challenge, cited by almost 30 percent of respondents to a recent survey of marketers attending the Alterian Annual Summit, held in Chicago in August.

Teens learn about new TV shows from TV, not internet
Most teens (51%) find out about new TV shows from TV ads and promos, though buzz is also a high source of information, specifically conversations with friends or boy/girlfriends (33%), and other kids in school (28%), according to an OTX study.

Americans’ blogging behaviour
According to a recent Synovate/Marketing Daily survey, 8 out of 10 Americans know what a blog is and almost half have visited blogs.

Alternative advertising media
Billboards and TV product placement top the list of alternative advertising media about which consumers express the most interest, according to research data from Mediamark Research Inc.

Sports TV and multi-tasking
American sports fans are doing a lot more than just sitting back and watching the big game on TV – they?re simultaneously connected with others and more engaged with advertising.

ANA accountability study
Formal marketing accountability programs are becoming an accepted business practice among marketers, but dissatisfaction about marketing measurement and internal marketing accountability processes is rampant, according to a new study.

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