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Spent today up in London at the Chartered Institute of Public Relations HQ meeting with fellow students on the institute’s online diploma course.

This was the first time course participants and lecturers have actually met face to face. We’ve been studying since early June and using forums, webinars, podcasts and wikis to share learning and experience.

It’s always slightly disconcerting meeting people  face to face who you’ve previously had dealings with online. You feel like you know a bit about them but at the same time seem unfamiliar when you eventually meet them.

My fellow students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and indeed countries, with students coming from as far afield as Romania, Bahrain, Russia and the Cayman Islands.

We had some good discussions about the theories that we’ve been studying in the early days of the course. It was also good to learn that I wasn’t the only one who’s finding switching between reading work copy (plain English, most of the time) and dense academic copy a real challenge.

While I find the theories and models we’re looking at now interesting, I’m particularly looking forward to applying them and looking at more practical aspects of the subject once September’s critical reasoning test is out the way.

4 Comments on “CIPR Diploma study day”

  1. Hi Simon,

    It was great to meet you today on the CIPR study day. So I just thought I’d take a look at your blog.

    I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed our conversation about blogging. In particular how ghost writing for blogs is a no-no and the alternative proposal of team blogs.

    I’m looking forward to more chat with you about this soon.

    All the best,

    Sophie Holmes

  2. Hi Sophie – was good to meet you too – am happy to discuss blogging further as I’m a passionate advocate for how public sector/charities can use it to improve their communications.

    Good luck with the studying and the CRT!


  3. Nice to hear that you are enjoying the studies (and advocating on blogging). I like the the saying that there is nothing so practical as a good theory – so hope that you do find the areas you are currently studying more than interesting and already of relevance in your day to day PR practice.

  4. Hi Heather – thanks for the comment – I’m enjoying it more each time I get time to do more reading and thinking.

    It’s certainly helping with how I approach some challenges at work, which in turn is helping me recall and apply the theories more readily.

    The main challenge though is finding the time to study alongside other commitments!

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