Statistics, research and analysis round-up – w/e 29 June 2007


Effectiveness of adverts on different types of website
Research by bluelithium into effectiveness of advertising inventory on user generated content (UGC) sites and non-UGC sites. Non-UGC sites appear to convert better, which comes as no surprise as companies need to engage more cleverly on UGC sites and in social media than just placing advertising.

Discovering more about “digital mums”
Some interesting data and information about women with children and how they use the internet.

Social media adoption in Canada

Use of social media has doubled in the last six months in Canada. Women are driving the increase. 16% of Canadians with web access have downloaded full-length movies in the past month.

UK adspend on the up
Spending on press, TV, radio and direct mail fell, with the overall growth being driven by online, cinema and outdoor advertising. Online adspend rose 42% compared the same period in 2006.

Loyalty among social network users
Many social network users keep profiles on multiple social networks, with smaller networks generating less loyalty than the larger players.

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