Evolution of digital communication tools

Evolution of digital communication tools

I’m always a sucker for a nice two by two matrix and a bit of strategic thinking.

Looking at different digital communications tools, Alex Iskold has produced this one on Read/WriteWeb:


Alex’s post is a really good summary of how different communications tools have evolved and why. 

There are several other dimensions that you could consider when looking strategically at communications tools, such as access, barriers to entry and perception of quality among readers. However using slow/length vs quick/compact and one-to-one vs broadcast seems to work quite nicely, as Alex’s matrix shows.

For those working in communications the challenge is to understand how these shifts in communication affect the work we do every day. How do our practices need to evolve to ensure we remain effective and relevant in the rapidly evolving world of digital communications?

A good first step for any practitioner would be to ensure they’re familiar with the new communications tools, either passively by reading and watching, or even better actively. Write a blog, set yourself up on Twitter, get onto Facebook – I’ve been actively trying to do things like these for 18 months or so now.

The experience has dramatically improved the marketing and PR work I do, has helped me meet many great people I’d never otherwise have met, and has opened doors for me in so many other ways. It takes time, but it’s well worth it.

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