Back from holidays


It’s been a full 13 days since my last blog post, although Chris and Simon kindly kept things going in my absence.

Arrival of the builders at home meant an enforced holiday for the Wakeman family on the waterfront at Hythe. We returned on Saturday to a very dusty house and the task of moving all our furniture back to its rightful home.

Now that’s all sorted out I have a chance to log on and see what’s been happening on emails and RSS. Relying on newspapers and television news for a week was interesting – I felt that I was missing out on a level of insight and analysis that I normally get from the breadth of sources I read online.

More than 200 emails and 2400 posts in my RSS readers means that I have plenty to catch up on. I’m afraid to say that I’ll have to do a quick scan through my RSS feeds and not read them as carefully as I do normally – I just don’t have the time to tackle a backlog that large.

From tomorrow I’m aiming to be back online daily, so normal blog service should hopefully be resumed very soon!