Delivering truly integrated marketing and public relations campaigns

Delivering truly integrated marketing and public relations campaigns

Nick Porter, director at Iris PR, has an interesting article about how agencies need to delivery genuinely integrated campaigns on the BrandRepublic website.
I was particularly taken by Nick’s description of what it takes to truly integrate, especially as for many campaigns integration still seems to mean creative consistency, when in reality it’s far more than that:

True integration is about taking a strong central theme and deftly threading it through the most appropriate media for the maximum return on investment.

Robin Grant makes a good point in his comment on Nick’s article – that PR could be substituted for many other disciplines such as digital or direct marketing and the points made would still be valid.
Over time the boundaries between many marketing and public relations areas are blurring. Companies are demanding integration, both in campaign strategies and the people or agencies they employ to deliver them.
It strikes me that now, more than ever, it’s important for marketing and public relations people to have a broad skillset, and be able to deliver competently across many different areas.
There will always be a place for specialists, but if I were starting out in the business in 2007 I’d make it my priority to get as much broad experience as possible for my CV.


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