Getting to know you better

Getting to know you better

One of the real joys of blogging has been connecting with people who I otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to do so.
Since I started this blog I have had many comment and email conversations with marketing and public relations people throughout the world. I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting some of them in real life.
However what do I know about you – the people that read my blog? Less than I’d like really.
It’s immensely gratifying that between 80 and 90 people choose to download my RSS feed each day, and a similar number of visitors arrive at my website.
I never forget that each one of these people has actively chosen to receive my content – and they must all have had their own reasons for doing this.
While I know who some of these people are, and I know a bit about them personally and professionally, I don’t have a faintest idea who most of my audience are.
I can see some basic information through my server logs and MyBlogLog, but what I’d really love is to know who is reading this and a bit about them.
I’m always keen to know why people read the blog so I can make sure I stay on-topic and cover stuff that’s relevant to the majority.
So it’s a big ask from me this Monday morning: if you’re reading this on my website or in my RSS feed please do leave me a comment to this post – whether you’re a seasoned commenter or you’ve never commented on a blog before.
I’d love to know:

  • Who you are
  • What you like about my blog
  • What I can improve about my blog
  • More about you – for example do you have a blog or website? (and make sure you add the link so I can pay you a return visit)

This is a bit of a stab in the dark, as I’ve never pimped for comments before on the blog, but I figure if you don’t ask then you’ll never know.


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