The anti-story

A good sense for the anti-story needs to be balanced with a realistic assessment of risk

The Language of Leaders

Communications and leadership are two of the areas that I find particularly interesting in working life. That’s why I was keen to read “The Language … Read More

UK Social Media Communications Awards 2013

I’m really pleased to have been asked to be a judge for this year’s UK Social Media Communications Awards – which are are about celebrating the very best in UK social media communications.

Communications and agile

What does the agile approach to software development mean for communications teams?

Evaluating your communication tools – what works, what doesn’t?

I’m a big fan of evidence-based communications and marketing – making decisions based on real facts, rather than the traditional reliance on hunches and guesswork that’s dominated our profession for too long. A new guide from Westminster City Council shows how this can be done in local government communications.