Monthnotes – May 2021

A personal pandemic milestone from early May.

As well as being my 18th wedding anniversary, apparently today’s the hottest day of the year so far in our part of the UK. The … Read More

Monthnotes – April 2021

Sunrise over Middle Pett Farm, Bridge - 13th April 2021

It’s interesting that the past month for me has been quite focussed on thinking about the future. Maybe it’s the start of the financial year … Read More

Monthnotes – March 2021

Sunrise over Bishopsbourne, March 2021

Last month I wrote about a sense of change and March feels like it has continued in the same vein. The continuing success of the … Read More

Monthnotes – February 2021

Snowy lockdown walks - February 2021

February might have been a short month, but it feels like a month where change has been a strong theme in many ways, both at … Read More

Monthnotes – January 2021

Replacing a 35 year old domestic burglar alarm at home.

It’s a wet and windy Sunday evening in Kent as I look back over the past month at work and at home. The first working … Read More

Monthnotes – December 2020

I’ve started and re-started this post several times over the past few days. Taking some time off work since 23rd December has given me a … Read More

Monthnotes – November 2020

Walking the dogs at sunrise earlier this month.

The cyclical nature of lockdown life seems to give days and weeks a strange timelessness. Hours, days, weeks and months feel like they’re whizzing by … Read More

Monthnotes – October 2020

DIY standing desk in my Ikea cupboard.

Since I first began recruiting and managing teams, back in 2004, I’ve talked about “the dip” with every new person joining my teams. Stealing just … Read More

Monthnotes – September 2020

My deserted train to London earlier this month.

Earlier this month, before the government’s return to advising working from home by default, I made my first trip to London since late February – … Read More

Monthnotes – August 2020

Team Ineos heading the peloton at Lauzerte during Route D'Occitanie 2020

As August draws to an unseasonally wet and windy end in Kent, I reflect on what’s felt like quite a transitional month in many senses. … Read More