Monthnotes – November 2021

Books on desk

I’m struggling to know where to start this month’s notes. It’s more than two years into my practice of reflecting at the end of each … Read More

Monthnotes – October 2021

Sunset at Es Vedra

It’s an early morning writing session for October’s monthnotes today. The combination of the end of UK summer time and returning from a sunny week … Read More

Monthnotes – September 2021

As my reminder for monthnotes popped up today, my instant reaction was “how was that a month?”.I’ve stuck to the discipline of reflecting at the … Read More

Monthnotes – August 2021

Today’s my first day back at work after a couple of weeks off, so August feels like it has been a month of two very … Read More

Monthnotes – July 2021

Evening bike ride, Bramling Road, near Wingham, Kent

July feels like it’s been a long month. A lot of ground covered both mentally and physically seems to have taken its toll a bit … Read More

Monthnotes – June 2021

Evening cycling, Bramling Road, near Bridge, Kent

Earlier this month I joined my first session of a monthly networking group for people worldwide who are working in progressive organisational design. Organised by … Read More

Monthnotes – May 2021

A personal pandemic milestone from early May.

As well as being my 18th wedding anniversary, apparently today’s the hottest day of the year so far in our part of the UK. The … Read More

Monthnotes – April 2021

Sunrise over Middle Pett Farm, Bridge - 13th April 2021

It’s interesting that the past month for me has been quite focussed on thinking about the future. Maybe it’s the start of the financial year … Read More

Monthnotes – March 2021

Sunrise over Bishopsbourne, March 2021

Last month I wrote about a sense of change and March feels like it has continued in the same vein. The continuing success of the … Read More

Monthnotes – February 2021

Snowy lockdown walks - February 2021

February might have been a short month, but it feels like a month where change has been a strong theme in many ways, both at … Read More