Monthnotes – January 2023

Sunrise bike ride, Reculver, Kent 31/1/23

This month marked a new chapter for me at work. On 3rd January I opened my laptop and began work as an independent consultant – … Read More

Monthnotes – December 2022

December’s definitely been a month of two distinct periods for me. The run-up to my last day at TPXimpact on 16th December was a particularly … Read More

Monthnotes – November 2022

I managed to get Covid for the first time at the end of November. I’ve not knowingly had it before, although I always wonder about … Read More

Monthnotes – October 2022

New Forest sunrise - October 2022

I’ve been writing monthnotes for more than three years now. Some months the memories just flow and the words come easily. But other months, including … Read More

Monthnotes – September 2022

After reflecting last month about how August felt like a slow and disjointed month, September has certainly shifted gear for me. The month began with … Read More

Monthnotes – August 2022

Drone image of hops, Lower Hardres, Kent, August 2022

Looking back at the past four weeks, it’s been a bit of a disjointed month. The first week we were on holiday, enjoying time as … Read More

Monthnotes – July 2022

July shaped up to be an interesting month in my work at TPXimpact. It felt somewhat like another watershed in the journey of change from … Read More

Monthnotes – June 2022

I was at a party last weekend and someone asked me what I did. I gave the obvious shortcut answer and told them my job … Read More

Monthnotes – May 2022

The past month has felt like a transitional period in many ways, bringing with it the contrasting emotions that come with that. At work the … Read More

Monthnotes – April 2022


Looking back at last month’s notes, I can see I was aiming to get back to regularly exercising. I’m signed up to a 50 mile … Read More