Free managing reputation in a crisis seminar

Free managing reputation in a crisis seminar

It’s hard to know how we’ll cope in a crisis. As military strategists put it, no plan survives first contact with the enemy. Often the only way to know whether you will cope when the heat is on is to reflect on whether you have. By then, it can be too late.
Managing a Reputation Crisis is a one-day event exclusively for LGcomms members designed to give you the opportunity to learn about surviving and thriving in a reputation crisis. It takes place at Westminster City Hall, London on 7 October.
Three of the biggest reputation crises to hit local government in recent years were:

  • The Lakanl Fire – Southwark 2009
  • The Dale Farm Clearance – Basildon  2011
  • Pork in halal school meals crisis –  Westminster 2013

At this event you will learn first hand, from the people that were there, about how these crises were managed and what lessons were learned.  You will also be given the opportunity to try out and develop your own skills in an interactive workshop.

The event is free to LGcommunications members. To find out how to join or to register for your place email


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