For a good few years now I’ve been impressed with the work that’s been done by LGcomms – the national professional body for local government communications – in developing a more positive professionalised and strategic approach to communications in local government.
Their joint work with other bodies like the LGA has led to some major milestones in the sector – including the original reputation guide (2007) and its successor the New Reputation Guide (2010).
Having returned from a part-time secondment outside the communications sphere earlier this year, I was keen to get back to working on some projects that will help push the sector forward and to ensure my teams and I benefit from the learning opportunities that LGcomms can give us.
So I was really excited to have the opportunity to join the national executive committee in May.  I attended my first meeting a couple of weeks ago and was impressed by the professionalism and drive of my fellow committee members (including a couple of representatives from the excellent Future Leaders scheme).
There’s loads of great stuff planned for the year ahead. I’m particularly looking forward to setting up a one-day employee engagement seminar with some top notch speakers as well as working with other committee members on other projects.
But more on that another time.