Guide to competitions and promotions on Facebook

SimonHow to

If you’re using competitions or promotions on Facebook as part of your marketing mix then you need to know the rules.

The Institute of Promotional Marketing in the UK has just published a really useful guide to doing this. As they say:

Facebook is now a key platform for executing and communicating promotions and one that is only set to grow in importance. Facebook provides new and  exciting ways of doing things for the Promotional Marketer, but along with this huge potential also comes an added responsibility. Not only do we need to ensure that our promotion complies with UK Law, the CAP Code (the rules which govern advertising and marketing communications in the UK) and any other relevant codes, but Facebook has its own ‘rules’ which must be followed. Facebook’s own rules also require that you comply with local laws and regulations.
This new way of communicating throws up a number of new best practice issues as well, all leading to a certain amount of confusion around how best to structure Facebook promotions so that they achieve their objectives, whilst staying out of trouble and treating consumers with the care and respect they deserve.
You can download the guide here.