My decade in review

My decade in review

Inspired by Dave Briggs’ canter through his last decade, I thought I’d write something similar, although with my ruthless holiday efficiency I didn’t actually remember to hit “publish” until today.
So, for what it’s worth, here are the some interesting bits of the past decade…(and I’m sure I’ve forgotten a fair few as well):
Started on a high as official “first date” with Jo was New Year’s Eve 1999 in Greenwich. Here’s the first photo of us  together from that evening:

Greenwich, 31/12/1999

Having worked as Sales Manager at Boots in Bluewater as part of my graduate placement in Autumn 1999, I returned to Boots HQ in Nottingham to work in the online team. Later that year moved to London with Jo and started work at Open…. Finished CIM advanced certificate in marketing. Driving: Peugeot 306.
Bought first house in Whitstable in late 2000, so 2001 was spent decorating and doing large amounts of DIY. At work I was approached by Egg to join them and did so later that year – to work for Dave Murdin – the boss who I think has had the greatest impact on my career so far and who gave me the confidence to really push myself. Set my PB for a 10k road race (running!) at 44:53 on the Whitstable 10k – and haven’t managed to beat it since. Started CIM postgraduate diploma in marketing. Driving: Fiat Cinquecento.
Got engaged and spent a lot of time caning it up and down the M1 between Kent, London and Egg’s Derby office as well as sitting on trains between Whitstable and London. Finished CIM postgraduate diploma in marketing. Driving: VW Golf GTI.
Got married in Canterbury. Still working in various roles at Egg and sitting on trains a lot. Helped Nick Tatt launch Whitstable-based web consultancy business Tinderhouse. Driving: VW Golf GTI.
Moved house (still in Whitstable). Moved jobs, twice – firstly to Enterprise IG and then to Medway Council in the autumn. Olly born in June. Started my fledgling consultancy business. Awarded Chartered Marketer status. Driving: Renault Laguna.
Working at Medway and being daddy. Driving: Renault Laguna.
Still working at Medway and being daddy. Started blogging properly in January. Did the London to Brighton bike ride for the first time. Attended a conference late in 2006 that I think was one of those tipping points in life that sets a part of your life off – it was called Delivering the New PR and opened my eyes to social media and why it was changing the business of communicating so radically – I owe a lot to Andy and Nicky Wake who organised the conference and to Neville Hobson, Tom Murphy, Stuart Bruce and Philip Young who spoke at the conference and who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and speaking alongside at events since. From what I heard at the conference, led the launch of the UK’s first local authority podcast in December. Driving: Renault Megane.
Toby born in March. Promoted to Head of Marketing at Medway Council. Started the CIPR Diploma. First conference presentation in Newcastle for CIPR North East. Driving: Renault Megane.
Undertook research project on use of social media in UK local authority communications. Set PB for half marathon at 1:45:44 and 10 mile race at 1:17:25, both in Canterbury. Awarded merit for CIPR Diploma. Spoke at conferences in London, Manchester and Birmingham. Got a caravan and loved it. Olly started school. Driving: Saab 93 sport wagon.
Cycled one hundred miles round Kent for charity. Promoted to Head of Communications and Marketing at Medway. Busy year for conferences with appearances in London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Belfast plus my first training course in social media in Birmingham in November. Got a puppy. Discovered the joys of Briitish Military Fitness. Olly learnt to ride his bike without stabilisers on our summer hols (in the caravan, obviously). Year/decade ended with the worst three weeks of the whole decade with a health scare for Jo resulting in an operation just before Christmas, but got some great news at 6pm on NYE that put an end to our worries. Driving: Saab 93 sport wagon.
And the photographic evidence from this end of the decade:
Capstone Park, Summer 2009
Looking back now, it’s been quite a decade – here’s to the next one…!


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