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Most public sector marketers will, at some point, have purchased outdoor advertising as part of a marketing campaign.

I suspect the majority, me included, didn’t have the luxury of a media agency to do media buying for them so would have dealt directly with the usual outdoor media suppliers.

Not having an in-depth knowledge of the local area, I’ve always struggled to visualise where particular 48 sheet or 6 sheets sites are from the postcode-based listings provided by suppliers.

The other day I spotted the signposter.com website – you just pop in your postcode and the media type you’re interested in, and it returns a listing of local sites, their footfall figures, costs (should you buy through the website) and a map with the locations plotted. A fair few sites also have pictures of the actual outdoor advertising board itself.

This makes local outdoor advertising buying easy when you’re buying a few sites in a targetted area, which is what I suspect most councils do.

The website was launched earlier this year and claims it can provide 98% of all outdoor poster sitres. It allows you to purchase inventory from suppliers including JCDecaux, Clear Channel, Titan Outdoor, CBS Outdoor and Primesight.

I haven’t done any benchmarking on price to see how prices compare to the negotiated prices that you’d get if you purchased directly from the supplier, but the website certainly simplifies the outdoor advertising planning process if nothing else.

3 Comments on “Outdoor advertising planning made simple”

  1. Thanks Simon- that’s really useful.

    But I’m slightly concerned by your comment about “not having an in-depth knowledge of the local area”. It’s too easy for communicators to get wedged in their offices, seeing little of the area except what’s on the way home.

    I’d always advocate getting out and about, or even just taking five minutes to turn off the usual route and find out just what is down that street you keep passing.

    There are two main benefits- one is that it helps me picture things like ad sites, or locations where there are PR issues. The other is that I now have a collection of alternative routes to get me round any traffic!

    Match that personal knowledge with something like signposter, and you’ll soon see the benefits.

  2. Hi Tom – thanks for the comment.

    You make a very valid point about knowing the local area in detail – it’s something communicators should try to do to avoid the “ivory towers” syndrome and making sure we understand as much as possible about key audiences/publics.

    However in my experience geography can be a factor – if you’re planning a county-wide campaign, for example, it’s not practical to know all the possible ad sites physically – unless you’ve got a lot of time on your hands – and I’ve not met a public sector communicator/marketer who would admit to that yet!

    I think it’s about having a mix of local knowledge and planning tools/databases to be able to make better informed media buying decisions.


  3. Its a good information about outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising is the best advertising techniques if we plan to advertise our website or business locally. Thanks for sharing this experience.

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