Local government people to follow on Twitter

Local government people to follow on Twitter

Yesterday a conversation with a colleague at work who was just getting into Twitter, prompted me to ask people in my Twitter network who the best local government people she could follow were.
As usual I had plenty of helpful comments back, as well as a fair few people wanting to know the answers so I thought I’d summarise in a blog post here.
There are a few lists of local government Twitter users out there worth checking:

  • Andy Sawford from LGIU maintains his top ten list on his blog here – includes elected members as well as officers
  • Dave Briggs has a comprehensive list including central and local government people here
  • Carl Haggerty also pointed me in the direction of this site – www.governingpeople.com – where a number of the contributing authors are clearly marked as Twitter users

I’m not going to try to replicate a full list here, but if you do work in local government and are on Twitter feel free to add yourself in the comments below or to Dave’s list on his site.
However the best way to discover interesting people (from any sector or interest group) on Twitter is to explore the network – follow a few people you know, check out interesting exchanges they’re having with others, and before you know it you’ll be discovering and connecting with likeminded people you’ve never met or heard of before – and to me that’s one of the most powerful things about Twitter.


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