More interesting stuff on the web

More interesting stuff on the web

Here’s some more interesting stuff I’ve found on the web recently:

Traditional media use stabilizes as online rises
Traditional media usage by Internet users in the US remained largely steady in 2008 after falling in 2007, judging by respondents to a Ketchum and USC Annenberg Strategic Public Relations Center survey conducted in late 2008. For instance, less than two-thirds of respondents said they watched major network TV news, about the same as in 2007 but down from the 71% who said so in 2006.

Key trends and issues in UK media and telecoms to 2012
A look forward at future trends along with a reprise of the digital natives/digital shoppers/refuseniks typologies.

Digital Britain: An Audit
Looking at the current picture of availability and use of a range of digital channels – along the same lines as the annual communications market reports produced by Ofcom

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