Marketing and public relations students take note


I know there are plenty of marketing and public relations students that read this blog.

Sometimes they contact me to ask me questions and I’m always happy to help where I can. People helped me when I was studying for marketing and public relations qualifications, so I feel I should do the same.

I do freelance projects in marketing and public relations, but I WILL NOT write essays and projects for students, however much they offer to pay me.

I’m still astounded that students even ask – in my day as a student it never crossed anyone’s mind to do this – the worst that happened was the odd bit of plagiarism with the odd paragraph being lifted from someone else’s work.

I don’t know if there’s a spate of student deadlines coming up, but I’ve had a more than a handful of people contacting me about writing their assignments recently.

So if you’re thinking of it, please don’t bother.

It’s unethical, it undermines the value of professional qualifications, and I won’t do it.