A brilliant resource for public sector social media

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It’s not very often I say this, but this site is brilliant: http://sandbox.dius.gov.uk/digitalgovuk/

It’s a site compiling examples of UK public sector use of social media. Nothing complicated there, and a concept that’s been executed with varying degrees of success on blogs, wikis, websites already.

But there’s a touch of social media magic behind this that I’ve not seen elsewhere.

Here are three reasons why I like it:

  • It uses freely available social media tools, like del.icio.us, to create an entirely new resource.
  • It fits in with the community spirit of social media as it will be a success because it will be updated by the community, tagging relevant content on del.icio.us with the tag digitalgovuk.
  • It’s full of fascinating and thought-provoking examples of how social media can be used in the public sector.

I’ll certainly be tagging interesting examples as I find them, and will find the site an invaluable resource over the coming months.

The site was created by Steph Gray from the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills – he’s put together a great resource and if you’re interested in public sector social media check it out and get tagging.

2 Comments on “A brilliant resource for public sector social media”

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  2. The longevity of such link collections is directly propotional to their usefullness and the trouble is, as is so often the case with government pages, the page now goes to a ‘404’ whether that is due to lack of focus, lack of curation, or simply that it is no longer required I dont know, but it is increasingly familiar message on public data pages.

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