What I learnt about Powerpoint today – presenter's tips


1. Check your powerpoint slides on the PC that’s being used for the projector, all the way through, before you’re on.

2. If you’re using any unusual fonts (is Garamond unusual?), check them carefully and keep a copy of the font on a memory stick along with your slides.

I didn’t do either of the above today, and halfway through my mobile internet presentation, noticed that words were appearing larger than I’d thought, were hanging off the side of the screen and over-running the background badly.

What had happened?

I worked out that the PC that was being used for the projector didn’t have the Garamond font installed on it. So my nicely styled slides in Garamond were defaulting to Times New Roman, which is generally larger than Garamond – hence the odd styling.

You live and learn…hopefully it all still made sense though.