More interesting stuff on the web

More interesting stuff on the web

Here’s some more interesting content I’ve found on the web recently:

  • UK Seniors: Indifferent to the Internet? – As in other countries, UK residents 55 and older have not turned to the Internet as quickly as younger age groups. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) calculated that just 26% of adults ages 65 and over used the Web in 2008.
  • UK Kids and Teens: Hyperconnected Youth – Kids and teens in the UK are developing complex media habits—shifting rapidly among different channels and multiple devices. In order to reach them, marketers cannot rely on simple, old-style media plans and traditional platforms.
  • Online bargain hunting increasingly social – Though email from retailers is still the best way for consumers to learn about discounts and deals online, nearly 30% of shoppers now say they look to links forwarded from friends, peer comments and social sites for the best bargains.
  • Marketing Executives – Social Media Practices Still in Infancy Stages – Despite the fact that many marketers feel like they are losing the race to adopt social media practices, the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG), today announced the findings of their social media membership survey which reveals most marketers are still in the early or experimental phases of adopting and measuring social media.
  • More people watching TV in 2008 – The number of people watching television has increased by five per cent this year, according to figures released from Thinkbox.
  • Marketers Still Face Steep Web 2.0 Learning Curve – The majority of marketing executives are still in the early, experimental phases of using and measuring social media and 80% say that they have not yet fully integrated the core elements of Web 2.0 into their marketing efforts, according to a survey from the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG).

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