Free marketing, public relations and social media consultancy


Every once in a while I have an open hour for my freelance clients – they can give me a call about anything they like. No charge, but a great opportunity to have a chat without any strings and share information and knowledge.

It’s a great way of building and reinforcing relationships and I’ve learnt a lot from doing it. Hopefully my clients have too.

I get many emails from readers asking about things I write about. Sometimes it takes a while but I get back to each and every one. So I thought it might be worth trying as an open hour or so for blog readers too.

I’ve no idea how popular this will be, so I’m going to put this “out there” and see how much interest there is.

Here’s how I see it working: next Tuesday, 11 November, between 7.30pm (London time) and 9pm I’ll be available by phone or Skype for readers of this blog to have a chat about marketing, public relations, social media, WordPress, website building or anything else that I blog about and you might want to talk about.

Call it free consultancy, networking, knowledge sharing – whatever you like. No charge, no obligation, no strings and no hassle from me afterwards (I promise!).

To keep things manageable, I’ll split the evening into 15minute slots like I do with my client sessions.

If you’re interested in having a chat email me with your details and what you’re interested in – I’ll put you down for a free slot and let you know how you can get hold of me.