Don't Panic Guide to Social Media comes to Manchester


I’m going to be speaking at the next instalment of the Don’t Panic Guide to Social Media in Manchester on Friday, 5 December.

The conference, aimed at senior communicators in the private and public sectors, will examine the rapid growth of online PR and the social media tools that are driving the revolution in communications.

I’m going to be exploring how social media is currently used in local government communications, talk about some case studies from Medway and beyond, as well as looking at some of the barriers to effectively deploying social media as part of a council’s communications mix.

I’m really looking forward to hearing the other speakers too – some I’ve met before and others who are welcome additions to the conference line-up since its last outing in London.

Full information is available to download from the Don’t Panic website.

Ticket prices are £195 + VAT or £175 + VAT for bookings before 14 Nov & charities.

For event booking or further information please contact Nicky or Andrew at Don’t Panic on 01706 828855 or alternatively places can be securely booked online here.