Statistics, research and analysis round-up

Statistics, research and analysis round-up

Here’s a summary of interesting research, statistics and analysis that I’ve spotted over the past few days:

  • US – 2008 business in social media Study – Results of online survey conducted September 11-12, 2008 among 1,092 adults. According to the survey, 59 percent of American consumers who use social media sites and tools are already interacting with businesses through social media. [requires contact info to download]
  • Social media transforming purchasing decision-making – Interviewing 17,000 people in 29 countries this post reports data that conclusively proves that social media is now directly impacting the way we buy products and services. Social media is fundamentally changing the way everybody online sources opinions on products, brands and services when they buy something.
  • Social media tracker wave 3 – Universal McCann global research into the impact of social media – measuring consumer usage, attitudes and interests in adopting social media platforms.

For all bookmarks that I’ve seen on research, statistics and analysis check out


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