Launching Behind the Spin online

Launching Behind the Spin online

Last week I pushed the button to set live a new website I’ve been working on since January this year.


Behind the Spin ( is the online version of the CIPR‘s magazine for public relations students and young practitioners.

The magazine has been around for a few years in its offline format, but recently Richard Bailey from Leeds Metropolitan University has taken over the reins and led the creation of the new website.

Richard asked me to run the technical side of the website, so I can take no credit for any of the high quality content on the site.

The site has been created using WordPress and uses a heavily modified version of the commercially available Revolution theme.  It’s a great example of how an open source blog content management system can be used to create a website that isn’t a blog (I almost said “traditional”, but you know what I mean).

With features like commenting and RSS feeds, the site does have some features in common with a blog, but it’s not a blog. Richard calls it a “blogazine”, which probably sums it up pretty well.

I’d commend the site to prospective and current public relations students and people new to the profession too. Sign up for content by RSS or email and read some of the freshest thinking from PR students in the UK (and soon overseas too).


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