Marketing videos on the web

Marketing videos on the web

It’s not like the internet’s short of video content nowadays, but there’s not all that much quality marketing video news and analysis that’s available free.

One site I spotted recently was It describes itself as “a dedicated broadband tv channel for the marketing industry” and aims to “inspire, instruct and advise marketing professionals and students alike with a series of succinct, easily digestible video presentations from leading experts in the marketing industry.”

Having had a quick browse through and having watched a few videos, there’s a good range of recognisable marketing “names” on the site talking about some of the big issues affecting marketing today.

The site content is produced by a company called Global Broadband TV and seems to be backed by the Direct Marketing Association, the Institute of Sales Promotion and the British Promotional Merchandise Association as well as other commercial sponsors. The site seems to be part of a network of sites, including and

The videos are free to watch online. Monetisation on the site seems to comprise banner adverts with the option to buy the videos on DVD or download as podcasts coming soon.


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