My week in media meme

My week in media meme

It’s thanks to Stephen Waddington’s meme tagging that I’m finally getting around to my first proper post of 2008. A happy new year to you all!

The idea behind this meme is to reveal your media consumption habits for a week, and so far it’s been interesting to see what people are reading/watching/listening to beyond the usual PR-related media that we have in common.

The past seven days haven’t been particularly typical for me. A bank holiday and spending most evenings writing an assignment for my CIPR Diploma have meant my media has been a bit different to normal.

What I’ve read

What I’ve listened to

  • BBC Radio Five Live on the way to and from work.
  • Radio 4 on Wednesday morning as the council’s decision to progress a planning application for a new coal-fired power station was getting coverage.
  • Invicta FM while doing the washing-up and generally tidying.
  • Some early 90’s happy house mix tapes on my MP3 player while out running.

What I’ve watched

Not a lot. In fact I can’t think I’ve watched any TV in the last week except the odd bit of CBBC when the boys were watching.

What I’ve surfed

A lot – too many to list. As well as 300ish RSS feeds that I’m finally caught up with, I seem to surf the internet day in day out whether on the PC or on my mobile. Sites I seem to frequent most often are news websites, PR academic websites, blogs and running/cycling sites.

So that’s my last week in media. Time to pass the baton onto Liam Fitzpatrick, Andy Wake, Richard Bailey and Simon Collister. Over to you then guys…

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