CIPR Diploma update

CIPR Diploma update

I’ve been studying for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Online Diploma since June this year.

It’s been hard work so far, but it was nice to hear that Ellee, who started the diploma well before me, has passed her third paper on the course.

Ellee found the qualification helped her get a better strategic understanding of the practice of public relations. That’s a benefit I’ve experienced too.

The first part of the course was heavily focussed on academic theories and research reading, which was a bit of a shock having not read or written academic text since 1999.

That section of the course culminated in the Critical Reasoning Test (CRT) which I completed in September. Last week I heard that I’d passed this with a “merit”, which gave me some comfort that I was making progress with my learning.

We’re now well into the planning assignment which needs to be completed by early January. This is a combination of a “real-life” scenario where students need to write a PR plan and writing an academic rationale for the decisions made in the plan.

I’m finding this easier than the CRT although it’s still a bit odd writing a PR plan and having to justify everything in it using academic research. The rigour this introduces into my thinking can only be a good thing.

Once the planning assignment’s out the way, there’s the small matter of the 10,000 final project to think about, but that’s for next year…


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