Statistics, research and analysis round-up

Statistics, research and analysis round-up

Branded content attitudinal consumer study
Over one-third of certain groups were sceptical about brands that advertised regularly in a traditional way, with around one-tenth actually trusting brands that advertised in a traditional way.

New media doesn’t kill old media
No surprises here then – a survey from Deloitte and Touche shows that old and new media co-exist happily for all age groups surveyed.

Users? online time spent mostly on content
Web users spending nearly half their online time visiting content – a 37% increase in share of time from four years ago and nearly as much time as spent on communications and commerce combined – according to the Internet Activity Index.

Web for speed; print for comfort
Highlights from an AOP survey that shows readers prefer online publications to print for speed of access and convenience (full version for subscribers only).

Social media’s influence overstated?
Report from JupiterResearch suggests that influential brand advocates are more traditional in the way they use the internet than marketers may think.

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