What are the best and worst business blogs you've seen?

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I’m on a panel tomorrow at a Motor Industry Public Affairs Association event about blogging.

I’m on the lookout for some examples of business blogging and its best and at its worst.

So what’s the best business blog you’ve seen? And why is it so good?

And at the other end of the scale what’s the most disappointing business or corporate blog you’ve seen?

I appreciate any examples readers of this blog can let me have – open source presentation writing in action!

7 Comments on “What are the best and worst business blogs you've seen?”

  1. Bah! Was hoping to find some cool examples here that no-one knows about…. My good examples have all dropped off and the bad ones would require indiscretion.

    Good luck, Simon.

  2. Simon – as you’ll see from my post today on the event, this is a hot issue that I’m keen to revisit. So hope that your son is okay and we can sign you up for next time – and maybe Ian too.

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  4. Heather – thanks for that. Things are better now so hopefully life is returning to normal!

    Sorry I missed the event – from the posts I’ve seen it sounds like it was really interesting.

    I’d be delighted to have the opportunity to join you next time. I’ll try to write a blog post in the next few days about the things I was going to say anyway so delegates have a chance to read it.

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