A new arrival

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Readers will know that I blog about marketing and public relations, but some events in life are just too significant not to be mentioned.

At 6.38am on Tuesday morning our second baby was born. Toby James Wakeman weighed in at 7lb 8oz, and I’m pleased to report that mum and baby are doing just fine.

We’re now home and adjusting to having a newborn baby around the house as well as a three-year old toddler.

Blog posting over the coming few weeks will certainly be less frequent and probably at some very odd times of day and night, as I’m sure those readers with young children (or memories of young children) will understand.

10 Comments on “A new arrival”

  1. Many congratulations Simon – and of course to Mum and Toby too.
    I’m about a month behind you on this one, so please only blog about how:
    a) lack of sleep isn’t as bad as you remember it first time round;
    b) Toddler has taken to siblinghood with ease, and all your worries about rivaly, jealousy, envy, etc. proved unfounded;
    c) isn’t 2am really good for having some undisturbed, good quality thinking time; and
    d) you’ve not really forgotten how to look after a baby – it all comes magically flooding back.
    Should we expect pictures of the happy family anytime soon?

  2. Thanks for all your comments – much appreciated.

    Chris – good luck with it all. Three nights in with number two, I can confirm:
    (a) it’s just as bad, but without the potential lie-in when your toddler wants to get up at normal time
    (b) absolutely true – our three year old has been a loving, caring big brother – I’m so proud of how he’s handled it
    (c) not yet, although from past experience once you get used to it, the middle of the night can be a good time for clear thinking. For now I just keep dozing off…
    (d) it’s not as stressful second time around, as you really benefit from the experience first time around

    Stuart – many congratulations on your impending new arrival too – being a parent is a truly exciting and rewarding experience

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  4. Simon – We’re both so pleased to hear about your new addition and hope the whole family’s well. Great news!

    Stuart – Karen will never let you have paternity leave!

    Chris – is that the same Chris M who used to work for PA?

  5. That’s wonderful, Simon. Far more positive than I’d hoped for.
    Just so Stuart doesn’t start to panic – I’m not really this miserable and pessimistic.
    Parenthood has been by far the most amazing experience of my life, and your news, Simon, has just increased my excitement at (finger’s crossed, all things being well, etc) being fortunate enough to go through it all again.

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