CIPR social media guidelines agreed


Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) president Lionel Zetter reports a busy day of meetings last Wednesday in his latest blog post on PR Voice.

Included in his rundown of the day’s events is confirmation that the CIPR Council agreed the new social media guidelines for members. A consultation was announced on these last Autumn with the deadline for responses extended to 31 January 2007.

I provided my comments to Francis Ingham at CIPR earlier this year.

It’s interesting that CIPR managed to turn around the guidelines for approval so quickly – from collating all the responses at the end of the consultation period at the end of January to providing a version for council approval just one week later is remarkable, particularly given you’d expect the council papers to go out in advance of the meeting.

Unfortunately I can’t see the final approved guidelines on the CIPR website anywhere, neither in the public area nor the members’ area, so it’s impossible for members to know what guidelines have approved and how feedback from the consultation has been incorporated into the final guidelines.

I’m sure the final guidelines will be made available to members soon – it’s just a bit odd that the first the CIPR membership knows of them being approved is in an unrelated blog post from the institute’s president.

We wait with bated breath…