Essential skills for listening

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Be able to listen, and actively show you’re listening, is a really valuable skill in business.

It can help you develop relationships more effectively with colleagues, managers, clients and suppliers.

Leo Bottary has a great post with some practical tips for developing these skills and eliminating bad listening habits.

Listening skills is one area where I know I can develop better skills, so I will certainly be trying a few of the things that Leo talks about.

2 Comments on “Essential skills for listening”

  1. Thanks for the nod on the listening inventory. I’ve had several people in my office complete the survey. It’s one of the only ways I’ve found that one can look in the mirror, if you will, when it comes to assessing listening skills.

  2. Yes- I’d agree that checklists/quizzes etc do help in increasing self-awareness – otherwise it’s all too easy to fail to spot your own areas for development.

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