Web 2.0 features on new Royal Navy recruitment site

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Brand Republic reports that the Royal Navy has relaunched its recruitment website to

introduce Web 2.0 features in an attempt to capture the 16- to 24-year-old market.

Hot on the heels of the British Army announcing it is to use social media features on its new website, this looked like interesting news.

However having had a look around the new website I do get the sense it’s a bit of a missed opportunity. The main new features seem to be primarily multimedia (videos, screensavers, mobile downloads), rather than more genuine web 2.0 social networking tools.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s a very well deployed recruitment website that uses the potential of multimedia very well.

It’s just I feel there’s more that could have been done to show a more genuine insight into life in the Royal Navy. It all feels a bit too much like a glossy recruitment brochure than a real opportunity for a genuine conversation with the Royal Navy and its people.

The site was designed and built by twentysix London and overseen by COI.

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