This is my second attempt to write a post about upgrading to WordPress 2.1.
The first was a glowing review about how easy the upgrade process was. A simple 20 minute process, with straightforward step by step instructions on the WordPress website. Looking around the site after upgrading, everything seemed in order.
However when I hit the publish button on the first version of this post it all went wrong -the post disappeared and doesn’t seem to have been saved, let alone published.
That’s kind of ironic, as one of the new features in WordPress 2.1 is the automatic saving of posts as you write them, to avoid any loss of work if you don’t hit the save or publish buttons (or as I have several times, manage to use a browser keyboard shortcut to go back to the previous page, losing the content of the post).
Anyhow I’ll hit the publish button now, and see what happens. Fingers crossed.