Introducing house rules


I’ve been running the blog for almost a year now. In this time the vast majority of comments posted on the site have been in the general spirit and values that most blogs hold.

However I think it’s about time I posted about how I interpret these values and how I’ll apply them to posts, comments and trackbacks here on the site.

Having researched other people’s policies, it’s clear there’s a wide range of policies out there, from the extremely concise to some very detailed policies. A collection of rules I particularly liked are in my Google Notebook.

My particular favourite was Neville Hobson’s terms of use on his website.

Neville’s very kindly given me permission to base my policy on his original terms, so I’ve edited down and adapted them for my site. Thanks for that Neville – much appreciated.

My new terms of use are now live on the site.

I’ve also put a link next to the comments box so the rules are available to commenters. There’s also a link at the foot of each page.