On MyBlogLog


One reason I write a blog is to create a network of contacts that I couldn’t have otherwise created. One of my frustrations with blogging has been not knowing who the majority of my blog readers are, and not having a way to connect with them other than through blog posts and comments.

MyBlogLog logo

MyBlogLog is a tool that can help with this. It’s a social networking site allowing bloggers to easily create communities among their readers. I’ve had the MyBlogBlog sidebar on my website for a couple of weeks now (I’ve customised it with CSS to match the design of my blog).

MyBlogLog sidebar widget - small

MyBlogLog has been in the news earlier this week as it was acquired by Yahoo (and here). It’s also had some teething troubles this week with Michael Jenson showing how easily the system can be manipulated.

I’m sure the Yahoo/MyBlogLog partnership will overcome this kind of problem and the slowness that the service sometimes experiences. Judging by the interactions I’ve had with readers as a result of having MyBlogLog set up, I think there’s definitely value in the service for bloggers.

This service certainly seems to have momentum in new subscriber growth which is important for any social networking site to become useful. I look forward to seeing how Yahoo incorporates MyBlogLog into its existing social media portfolio, without overcomplicating sign-up processes or hurting the great core functionality of MyBlogLog.