Feedburner Site Stats launched

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Many bloggers use Feedburner to republish their RSS feeds – the service provides a great selection of statistics about RSS subscribers.

In 2006 Feedburner acquired a blog statistics company called Blogbeat. They’ve now completed the integration of the Blogbeat technology and have launched Feedburner Site Stats. The basic stats package is free.

At first glance the site stats page in Feedburner looks as simple and as intuitive as the RSS stats that I already use. I’ve installed the small tracking script into my WordPress template, which was a straightforward two minute job.

I now have three stats packages running on my blog – Google Analytics, Statcounter and Feedburner Site Stats.

I’ll post a review on how the Feedburner offering stacks up once I’ve had a proper chance to road test it.

2 Comments on “Feedburner Site Stats launched”

  1. Happy new year to you too Simon. I’ll hopefully post something after a week or so of using Feedburner.

    At first glance Statcounter (free version) looks to have more functionality, but Feedburner (free version) looks simpler to use (although of course the two could be related!)

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