A time to reflect with a trip to 1993


There plenty of reviews of 2006 and previews for 2007 knocking about the blogosphere right now.

I’m not going to indulge in such a post, mainly because the past 12 months seems like a blur from which I could pull so many highlights, professional and personal, but more importantly because I’m scarcely more qualified to predict the future than anyone else.

All I’m going to do is point you to a 1993 news report, courtesy of CBC (via For Immediate Release), which talks about an emerging phenomenon called “Internet”.

That was just over thirteen years ago. I was still at school then, and about year after that report had my first brush with “Internet” when I got my first email address through a summer job at Exeter University.

The CBC report really started me thinking about the true impact of the internet on our lives, how in 1993 we could never have anticipated or believed that, and about how the future can be so hard to predict.

So the only certain prediction for 2007 I can genuinely make is that online communications will change pretty damned fast in 2007, and the ride will be an exciting one. Enjoy!