Euroblog2007 survey

Euroblog2007 survey

The Euroblog2007 survey has been underway for some weeks now, but I’ve only just been reminded to participate by Philip Young’s post today about the survey period being extended.
The survey takes around five minutes to complete, and the results will give a picture of how some social media tools are being adopted in European public relations. It’ll also be interesting to see the trends since the last survey in 2006.
The main results from the 2006 survey were:

  • divergence between enthusiasts who saw wide-ranging benefits from weblogs and “anti-bloggers” who failed to see benefits for their companies or clients.
  • 31 per cent said they regularly wrote or contributed to weblogs, 26 per cent said they never did. Only 4 per cent said they had not yet heard of weblogs, so one in-four respondents were making a conscious choice not to use them.
  • most enthusiastic users came from Austria, Denmark, the United Kingdom and Germany.
  • 42 per cent of respondents who didn’t already maintain blogs intended to do so within the next 12 months. Nevertheless, a significant 32 per cent didn’t expect to introduce blogs.

(source: EuroBlog2006 press release)

If you work in public relations and haven’t already completed the survey, please head on over to the EuroBlog2007 site and take a few minutes to complete the survey.


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