Time for a break


It’s been a long time coming, but it’s time for a holiday.

I’ve got two weeks holiday from the day job and I’m going to spend at least some of it offline as well – a complete break from consultancy projects, blogging, reading RSS feeds, surfing the web etc.

I’ve been really looking forward to spending some decent time with my family and taking things a bit slower. I was ill last weekend, which is always a sign that I’m due a break.

I’ll definitely be offline for a week or so from tonight, but I will be back in the marketing and PR world by Friday, 11 November when I’m going to the Delivering the New PR conference in London. Then after that it’s back to work properly on the following Monday.
My mobile is now off. My PDA is off. My laptop is staying in its bag, and once I’ve posted this my wireless router is going off too. Completely offline!
Back in a week or so. Take care all.