Beef up your blog feeder


A couple of days ago I spotted an interesting post by Steve Rubel about how he finds news and material to blog about – he has created what he calls a blog feeder.

I’ve been playing about creating something similar over the weekend, and can see how this approach could also be used to create a very basic free social media reputation monitoring service.

The potential for this just got greater, as Steve has blogged that Technorati now offers RSS feeds for searches, which means that it’s a whole lot easier to include Technorati searches in a blog feeder. Also spotted this news on i-wisdom and Webfeed Central.

I’ll be adding a few Technorati RSS searches to my nascent blog feeder, and will see how useful I find it.

It never ceases to amaze me the potential for networking and sharing of information with the rapidly evolving social media tools that are out there, but I always try to remember that at the heart of it all is content, and the better the content the more effective it will be – just as it always has been.