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Sometimes it can be really great to stumble across a blog and learn something new. I did just that this evening when I ended up reading Ian Delaney’s explanation of non-linear search.

Having read his post, which was clear and very useful, I wandered around the rest of his blog. I was impressed with the range of things he’s blogging about, and the clarity with which he writes.

I don’t normally post when I add someone to my blogroll, but Ian’s explanation about search was so good I felt I really should say thanks by posting.

Thanks also to Simon Collister for leading me to Ian’s blog at www.twopointouch.com.

2 Comments on “Learning something new”

  1. It’s a great blog isn’t it? I’m extremely chuffed that the whole tagging / linear search thing has come about over the last few days. It’s opened up a new aspect on social media for me.

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