Going off-topic


Yesterday I started writing a post about the London to Brighton bike ride that I did at the weekend. However I stopped halfway through, as I was questioning whether that kind of thing was really what my blog readers would value.

Since I started the blog it’s been a mix of professional and personal stuff, with a focus on my work and experience in marketing, PR and new media. So I figure most people who read my blog must be interested in that kind of thing.

Posting stuff about what I’m up to outside the marketing, PR and new media area is probably not going to provide that much interest to my readers, so I binned my post about London to Brighton. And yes, I know I’ve done it in the past, but in the future I’m going to try harder to keep on topic.

Looking around at most of the blogs I read, they do focus on one area, and as a reader their relevance in this area is what keeps you motivated to read. It’s really a fundamental communications principle, not one that’s just limited to blogs: put the user/reader at the centre of your communications.

Do it for them, not for you.